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Raw Food Nutrition

Rohkost-SmoothieThe nutrition with raw fruits and plants is as old as mankind itself. What seems like a new trend today has been the natural form of food for thousands of years. Today's raw food diet, however, differs significantly from the earlier, rather barren form of nutrition. But today's way of raw food nutrition is also very healthy.

Raw food is considered to be the basic food of man, but nowadays people mainly consume industrially produced, heated food. Through processing, additional harmful substances and chemical pollution, the value of the food decreases enormously. Particularly in the last 100 years, human nutritional behaviour has changed rapidly - a very short period compared to the entire history of mankind. Comparative studies for example prove that in the 1900s approximately 100 g of fibres were consumed daily through food, today it's only approximately 10-15 g per day.

All in all, every heat process - including cooking, roasting, baking or frying - reduces the physiological value of the food. Even at temperatures above 42°C, important enzymes that stimulate the metabolism are destroyed. If food is heated until it boils, more than 85% of its nutritional value is destroyed and up to 80% of fibres lose their effect.

What exactly is raw food?

Raw food is everything that can be eaten raw. Food should never be heated above 40-42 °C for a raw food nutrition.

Is raw food nutrition a real diet?

No. Raw food is partially used for detox programs, but raw food nutrition is more of a lifestyle or dietary style. Instead of short-term restrictions, the focus is on long-term changes and a new attitude to life. Nevertheless, it is possible to lose weight naturally with raw food: empty calories such as white sugar or flour, which do not offer any other nutrients to humans, are then avoided as far as possible. Instead, food is preferred which contains a lot of water, fibre and micronutrients. Then the body receives exactly what it needs and signals when it is saturated.

Raw food: Back to nature

Raw food nutrition has many benefits. The German Nutrition Society recommends eating fresh fruit and vegetables five times a day. However, the majority of the population is far below this target. More raw food is recommended because of many positive effects on body and mind. Fruits and vegetables in particular contain a very high proportion of vitamins, secondary plant substances and other important ingredients that can get lost during cooking processes. In contrast to processed food with a low nutritional value, it is better to use natural food that is rich in fibre and keep the intestinal flora in good health.

More raw food with smoothies

An easy way to add more raw food to your own diet is to include (green) smoothies. The trendy mixed drinks consist of fruits, green leafy vegetables and water or ( plant ) milk. They provide highly concentrated nutrients that are made easily digestible by pureeing. There are countless combinations, ranging from raspberry smoothie to green smoothies with spinach and kale. Smoothies can replace an entire meal such as breakfast or lunch, but are also ideal for in between meals. It is important to enjoy smoothies fresh. Unfortunately, most smoothies from the supermarket are heated for preservation, which means that many valuable nutrients are forfeited.


Photo credit: © Kim Schneider / Fotolia

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