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About Nuts

10 things you should know about nuts…


Peanut farmers

The most famous peanut farmer in the world is the former US President Jimmy Carter. If you would like to be a peanut farmer yourself, you need some patience. The entire development process of a peanut takes about 180-200 days.

Nuts reduce the risk of heart attack

The “Adventist Health Study” examined eating habits of more than 30.000 people between 1977 and 1982. It showed that the risk of heart attacks has dropped by 24% in people who ate nuts one to four times per week. If volunteers ate nuts daily, the risk of heart attack fell by as much as 50%!!!

Longer life expectancy

Do you want to live longer? It’s really simple! An American study has revealed that men who eat nuts regularly live on average 5.6 years longer than their non nut-eating control group. Women can gain 4.7 years by eating nuts.

Nuts aren’t automatically nuts

Botanically not everything that’s called nut is a proper nut! A real nut can be identified by three layers of woody pericarp. These are, for example, walnuts, hazelnuts or the pecan. If the seeds lie in a wooden inner layer and are enclosed by a soft pulp, they are called drupes. Examples are cashews, pistachios, almonds and Brazil nuts. Peanuts are often completely disregarded. However, their name says it all. They are actually legumes and related to lentils and peas.

The often misunderstood calories

Poor nuts! So often they are completely misunderstood. Sure, nuts have a high fat content and therefore calorie content. However, the fat contained in nuts is very valuable fat. Nutritionists at Purdue University in West Lafayette (Indiana, USA) have even found out that people who nibble nuts at a whim hardly put on weight. The explanation is quite simple. Nuts are so filling that you eat less!

Roast before you enjoy

Freshly harvested peanuts are inedible. They must always be roasted first.

Cool nuts

Nuts like it cool and dark if they are supposed to last. Best keep open bags in the fridge.

A cheating berry

That’s something: The strawberry is not a real berry. It is an aggregate accessory fruit. This is due to the small seeds on its skin.

Little powerhouses

Nuts are an excellent source of energy. They are packed with essential nutrients and have a high content of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Therefore nut mixtures are also known as "trail mix". They enhance concentration and performance.

Part of a healthy diet

The American Heart Association officially recommends nuts as part of a healthy diet. They provably reduce the level of cholesterol.

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