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About Dried Fruits

10 things you should know about dried fruits…


Fruit is fruit

Nutritionists and food scientist from Jena and Dresden have found out in a two-year lasting study that dried fruits are nearly as healthy as fresh fruit. The health value remains the same between fresh and dried fruit.


Dried fruits stimulate digestion!

Cranberry = "Moosbeere"

The official translation of cranberry into German does actually exist: it is called “Moosbeere”. The cranberry is particularly rich in vitamin C and contains many antioxidants which are said to have an anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic effect.

The drying process

The ripe fruits are dried veeeeeeeeeeeeery slowly and carefully at low heat. Incidentally, you can also preserve your favourite fruits yourself. Just put them in the sun, oven or microwave and allow to dry below 50 degrees. Watch out! In the microwave you have to take into account a number of failed attempts.

Which fruits can be dried?

It is possible to dry all fruits from pollinated flowers. Accordingly even tomatoes, egg plants, legumes, olives and capsicums/peppers can be dried.

Desert company

Dried fruits have been desert approved for centuries. Traditionally they were taken on desert tours as the main component of the diet of caravans thanks to their nutritional values.


Dried fruits are true fibre miracles. As well as nuts they are very nourishing. Due to the fibres, sugar is absorbed more slowly. This helps to avoid the sluggish feeling that often creeps in after a sugar thrust.

20% moisture-content

The dried fruits may be called as such if they have only 20% of residual moisture. The remaining 80% have been removed from the dried fruits during the drying process.

Watch out for sulphur!

Often dried fruits that are sold have been sulphurized to achieve a better durability and color. Some people can be very sensitive to sulfur dioxide and suffer as a result of nausea and headaches. Therefore rather steer clear of sulfurized dried fruit. One should prefer to fall back on organic dried fruits that are untreated and thus do not contain any sulfur dioxide.

The perfect alternative to sweets

Dried fruits are an excellent alternative to chocolate and gummy bears. They are considerably lower in calories, also have a delicious, sweet taste and additionally provide valuable fibres, vitamins, mineral salts and secondary plant compounds.

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